Nikki M Group provides graphic design, layout, typesetting, editing and illustration services. We understand the need to deliver quality solutions on time as part of an extended production process, which may include:

  • publishers
  • project managers
  • authors
  • designers
  • illustrators
  • editors
  • proofreaders.

We provide a range of services including:

  • consultation
  • layout design
  • creative artwork
  • typesetting
  • file optimisation
  • editorial corrections.

We are here to help in the production and preparation of artwork for print and digital.

Our goal is to provide flexible and customised services where design enhances content.


At Nikki M Group our design focus is placed into the following categories:

  • communication of information
  • visual experience
  • purpose and intended usage
  • production process.

These categories define and shape:

  • appearance
  • format
  • medium
  • method.

Our goal is to provide flexible and customised services where design enhances content.

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Print and digital

Nikki M Group produces artwork for print and digital including the management of:

  • fonts
  • colour
  • compatibility
  • file-naming conventions.

We provide a range of services for:

  • books
  • websites
  • signage
  • stationery
  • brochures.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and are always looking for new ways to improve our offering.


Technologies evolve. Our task is to find efficiency and productivity whilst making an improvement on what has been done before. These improvements come from:

  • skilled staff
  • technology
  • production methods
  • project management
  • professional partnerships.

Nikki M Group values the production process in developing proficiency and creativity.

Perfect partners


Extensive experience in complex and technical publications means we can deliver difficult titles where specialist services are required.


Nikki M Group can set up your design using production methods that are tried and tested. This way you’ll get consistency and your design will perform within a production process.


Every project presents unique communication requirements. At every stage we stay focused, accurate and pay attention to details.