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Our services include:


Forming direction and
making effective choices

Quality guarantee

Our goal is to set correct,
first time, every time


Project briefing
and handover

Price list

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Checking for consistency, completeness, accuracy and style.

From $12 per page

Manuscript review

Assessment of your manuscript before editing.

Price on arrangement

File archiving

File archiving and backup guaranteed for five years.


Concept design

The early phase of the design process, in which we outline the form and function.

Starting from $1200

Stock images

Photographs, maps, icons, flags, characters or illustrations.

From $60 each

Visual research

Moodboards to determine art directions and style.

From $500

Make your
design flow

Template design, set-up and refinement from


When starting a publication it is best to be well prepared with a robust template contaning all design elements. Time spent setting up paragraph, character styles and library items will always save time in production.

With Nikki M Group you’ll get great value and terrific service

  • based in Melbourne, Australia
  • over two decades of industry experience
  • a quality team and a professional network
  • latest industry standards
  • flexible approach to project management

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