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Graphic design


Nikki M Group provides graphic design services for publication and visual communications such as:

  • educational texts
  • corporate reports
  • technical manuals
  • marketing material.

As a service provider our goal is to understand the unique qualities of each project and apply design, typesetting, production and creative services accordingly.

Nikki M Group collaborates to:

  • pitch design concepts
  • problem solve
  • apply corporate identity
  • deploy consistent style
  • communicate objectives
  • share experience, skills and service
  • improve quality and productivity.

From minute objective typographic detail to subjective qualities of colour, design is ever present.


Nikki M Group provides flexible and customised services where design enhances content. In evaluating design we consider:

Communication of information

Ideas and how they are presented.

  • semantics
  • structure
  • method
  • style
  • appearance
  • legibility.

Visual experience

Quality, logic and expectations.

  • feeling
  • subjectives
  • understanding
  • response
  • journey.


Rational and intended usage.

  • audience
  • objectives
  • technology
  • medium
  • location.

Production process

The journey is just as important as the destination. Good production design can ensure:

  • repetitive tasks are streamlined
  • projects are managed and divided into achievable steps
  • great working conditions for staff
  • a liberal culture of ideas, choice
    and self-management
  • respect and equal opportunity
  • efficiency and productivity.

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Nikki M Group consider design in the following ways:

  • procedures a blueprint for following instructions
  • meaning conceptual ideas and rationale
  • visual language style represented by design principles and elements
  • cradle to grave life cycle
  • lifestyle human behaviour, condition and the environment.

From minute objective typographic detail to subjective qualities of colour, design is ever present. The qualities of design perform many tasks including:

  • form identity
  • convey ideas
  • give purpose
  • cause action
  • direct and persuade.

Although design is not always lineal, dividing the task into stages can help to make sure expectations and milestones are met. Here are three stages that can define the design process.

Stage 1: Concept development

Concept development involves research and exploration, and is a chance to dream, expand and fantasise. Concept development is the cornerstone on which strong foundations are laid and includes:

  • brainstorming ideas
  • looking at competition
  • defining preference
  • establishing goals
  • forming strategy
  • developing values
  • understanding audience
  • working prototypes.

Stage 2: Production

Production is the sweat and tears and is the opportunity to:

  • write content
  • create graphics
  • work ideas
  • test concepts
  • define products
  • set agenda
  • add value
  • create community.

Stage 3: Implementation

This stage is time to reflect, tweak, execute, edit, refine, clean-up and deploy. This is where products come to life and often involves:

  • specialist services
  • professional skills
  • cut and edit
  • embellishments
  • testing and trials
  • technology
  • marketing
  • review.

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Nikki M Group can complement your in-house design team to maintain quality, production and efficiency.

Project managers

Concept development can bring clarity on style, appearance, objectives, strategy and values.


Design can be a great tool that defines arguments, convinces and persuades.