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Nikki M Group specialise in typesetting for print and digital mediums. We are experienced in technical publications including:

  • mathematics
  • science
  • geography
  • physics
  • chemistry.

Our services include:

  • layout design
  • paragraph and character styling
  • font and colour management
  • conversion between print and digital
  • setting mathematical equations
  • retouching artwork
  • file and text extraction
  • reprints
  • corrections.

The medium of typesetting is always changing. We are now moving to more engaging digital mediums. ‘Big Data’ is promising to not only analyse consumption, but to respond to learning. Our aim is to help publishers in this transition whilst maintaining good typographic standards.

Production process

The common model that we regularly follow with publishers is staged, highly organised and often includes:

  • authored and edited manuscripts
  • design templates
  • design briefs
  • font management
  • artwork briefs
  • artwork lists.

Once a publication has been initially typeset it will usually have correction rounds where authors, editors and sometimes designers make further changes.

Layout design and template refinement

Nikki M Group design layouts and refine templates. We can:

  • analyse a design and refine areas that are often overlooked
  • set up your design using production methods that are tried and tested.

Our objective is to maintain consistency and for the design to perform within a production process. Our services include:

  • template design
  • paragraph, character and object styles
  • style guides.

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Whether a one-off or regular periodical, Nikki M Group will work with you to develop and implement your ideas on projects such as:

  • training manuals
  • annual reports
  • medical journals
  • technical guides
  • reviews
  • brochures.

We provide output for any device including:

  • print
  • digital
  • web (HTML)
  • eBook.

Accuracy and attention
to detail defines
quality typesetting.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) publishing

Nikki M Group specialise in the field of STEM with a focus on mathematics for educational publishers.

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Accuracy and attention to detail defines quality typesetting.


Nikki M Group will work with you to develop your ideas.


Good editors can greatly improve the quality of a publication. We value their contribution to typesetting, style and consistency.