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Information graphics

Nikki M Group creates information graphics (infographics) for projects such as:

  • educational books
  • instructional information
  • financial reports
  • performance reviews
  • presentations
  • statistics.

We create illustrations including:

  • diagrams
  • charts
  • graphs
  • flow charts
  • tables of data.

To create infographics, authors need to provide a detailed artwork brief, rough sketch or data in a spreadsheet.

Style guides

A style guide for infographics is a collection of design elements and illustration examples that can be used as a template. Style guides are beneficial when you require a consistent style – especially when creating infographics as part of a production team. A style guide for mathematics, for example, will typically include specifications for:

  • font size and weight
  • line weights and styles
  • colours and shading
  • angles and tick marks
  • grids
  • column widths.

And will include examples such as:

  • graphs
  • dot plots
  • stem-and-leaf plots
  • basic shapes
  • geometric shapes.

Nikki M Group can design style guides for all types of publications including educational books and financial reports.

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Creative artwork

Creative artwork is about creating a feeling or emotion through style, and usually takes into consideration:

  • colour
  • texture
  • shape
  • composition
  • symbolism
  • signifiers.

Creative artwork is often used to shape:

  • identity
  • culture
  • age
  • gender
  • belief
  • brand
  • campaign.

Creative artwork helps to create difference and improve identification.

Artwork briefs

Authors and editors typically supply an artwork brief containing detailed instructions for constructing infographics and creative artwork. This helps illustrators to precisely construct artwork. Usually the better the artwork brief, the better the result will be. Artwork briefs can include:

  • diagrams
  • rough sketches
  • alternate examples
  • written or spreadsheet data
  • specification for size
  • file naming.


Project managers

With style guides you can be sure that during production artwork will be precise and consistent.


Infographics and creative artwork will help to identify and sell your brand, topic or publication series.


Nikki M Group can turn your rough ideas into slick graphics so that complex information can be quickly and clearly understood.