Book printing

Expert advice

Nikki M Group provides expert advice for printing books ensuring:

  • files are set up correctly for print
  • technical requirements are understood
  • budgets and schedules are met.

If you’re a self-publisher printing for the first time or a seasoned publisher looking for print management, we’ll work with you to understand your printing requirements and provide you with:

  • quality service
  • competitive quoting
  • technical expertise.

Print management services

Book printing is a specialist industry and there are technical and logistical requirements to consider. It is always best to get a good understanding of your project, budget and schedule so we can select the best print options available.

Front cover of A Framework to Evaluate Musculoskeletal Models of Care, Curtin University.

A Framework to Evaluate Musculoskeletal Models of Care, Curtin University. Self-published report, perfect bound, short-run digital.

Quality service, competitive quoting and technical expertise.

Technical expertise

Every title is different and will have its own set of technical specifications. Technical specifications will be determined during the design and planning stages and include details such as:

  • format: size, shape, presentation
  • layout: margins, gutters, bleed
  • quality: resolution, colour management
  • colour output: spot colours, full colour
  • paper stock: finish, type, weight
  • embellishments: varnishes, metallics, embossing/debossing
  • imposition: arrangement of pages
  • print run: digital, offset, sheet-fed, web
  • binding: spine width, gluing, stitching
  • cover type: soft or hard cover.

Front cover of Roebourne Yirramagardu, City of Karratha.

Roebourne Yirramagardu, City of Karratha.
Coffee-table book, case bound, large-volume offset.

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Production control

When selecting a printer it is important to consider logistics, which include:

  • budget and scheduling
  • printer availability and paper supply
  • freight, shipping and insurance
  • quantity, weight and distribution
  • customs and exchange rates.

Understanding your project is the best way to deliver a quality project on time and on budget.


Short-run digital

Start small with short-run digital. Launch your project with a limited-edition print run and test market conditions before committing to larger volumes. Ideal for fast-tracking projects such as:

  • reports and research documents
  • guidelines and technical publications
  • training manuals
  • presentation booklets
  • sales and marketing brochures.

Printing my files

If you have files you would like us to print, we provide print managment services including:

  • quoting prices for short- to large-volume print runs
  • prepress checks to ensure your files are technically sound
  • soft proof a digital file to check pagination before print
  • hard proof a physical mock-up to inspect before print
  • shipping, freight and distribution.


Large-volume offset

Meet market demand with large-volume low-cost offset printing. With our network of preferred printers you can:

  • source the most appropriate printer
  • get quality printing
  • save on printing cost
  • have books shipped to your preferred storage location or distributor.

Ideal for large-volume projects including:

  • hard-wearing textbooks
  • glossary presentation booklets
  • annual reports with embellishments
  • two-colour projects
  • soft or hardcover novels
  • large-format non-fiction
  • stylish coffee-table books.

Book printing


Print management backed with extensive experience in design and publication.


We offer solutions to meet your technical, cost and scheduling requirements.


Go to print with confidence using an experienced print manager.