Book cover design

Fiction and non-fiction books

Nikki M Group provides a range of design services to produce book covers for print and digital publications including:

  • soft and hard covers
  • booklets and research reports
  • one-off custom covers
  • large-scale publication series.

Showcase your publication with a memorable cover design.

Concept design and development

Great cover design is often the result of research, analysis, observation and creative artwork. The design process often includes:

  • brainstorming ideas and concepts based on the story or intended use
  • researching the target audience for visual connections to lifestyle or consumption
  • understanding your unique market position and competitive advantage
  • branding and developing narratives
  • creating a strong visual identity that identifies with the target audience.

Front cover of Norhtern Silica Bidder's Statement

Cover design, financial document, Northern Silica Bidder’s Statement, King & Wood Malleson. See document online

Image based design

Want a highly visual approach? We offer creative services including:

  • image research
  • permissions
  • illustration
  • layout design
  • colour theory
  • application of style
  • branding.

Front cover of A Framework to Evaluate Musculoskeletal Models of Care, Curtin University.

Cover design, report, A Framework to Evaluate Musculoskeletal Models of Care, Curtin University. See report online

Digital book covers

We provide digital artwork services so you can optimise covers for digital distribution using technologies including:

  • Acrobat PDF
  • eBooks
  • Apple Books

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Type is integral to cover design—exuding character and communicating:

  • purpose
  • mood
  • style
  • feeling
  • tone.

Typography conveys ideas and can be embellished with design treatments including:

  • colour
  • character modification
  • perspective
  • scale
  • embossing
  • spot UV varnish
  • foil
  • graphics.

PEARL Learning Materials for Tonga: Teacher Guide book cover

Cover design, educational textbooks, Pacific Early Age Readiness and Learning (PEARL), World Bank.

Cover design for print

Nikki M Group offers print management services and works directly with book printers to set up specifications for quality artwork, which may include:

  • colour management and specialty inks
  • choosing cost-effective formats
  • offset and digital output
  • spine widths
  • paper stock
  • print embellishments
  • case templates
  • die-cutting
  • binding.


Lateral thinking

Visual wit, humour and intellect. Design a book cover that has a unique visual identity that resonates with your intended audience. Ideas that define the image leave lasting memories.


Project briefing
and handover


Competition and
target audience


Conceptualising and
understanding meaning

Cover design


Produce a strong identity that compliments internal design and layout.


Create a book cover that contextualises content and resonates with students.


The cover is the face that sells the book and sets up great expectations.