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Project management

Performance and results

Nikki M Group takes a flexible approach to project management because most projects are unique and will have different planning and technical requirements. We have facilities to manage specific tasks and for larger responsibilities covering:

  • concept
  • production
  • implementation.

We understand the need to qualify production with performance and results.

Nikki M Group takes a flexible approach to project management because most projects are unique.


Nikki M Group divides projects into key stages and performance targets: allocating tasks, scheduling and budgeting including:

  • organisation
  • coordination
  • procedures
  • production
  • preparation
  • quality control
  • monitoring
  • testing
  • evaluation.

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  • Is your project complex with key stages and deadlines?
  • Producing a project that requires a production plan?
  • Need to commission skilled personnel on a variety of tasks?


Good scheduling is the result of experience and is carried out by our senior staff who can determine and monitor professional roles, expectations and responsibilities. Nikki M Group strategically plan projects to meet production deadlines.


Nikki M Group understands clients want
cost-effective solutions. We are constantly on the lookout to improve our efficiency and proficiency:

  • deploying technologies
  • investing in skills.

If you have a budget, we can initially outline a plan that allocates responsibilities and expectations.

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Project managers

Nikki M Group understands the importance of good planning and scheduling.


Nikki M Group can plan key stages and set in place a production strategy.


Nikki M Group has facilities to manage specific tasks and for larger management responsibilities.