Font design

Custom font and type design

Fonts convey emotion and energy. Choosing the right font is critical to design and communicating your message.

A font has the power to identify brands – they are the face consumers recognise.

Nikki M Group can take character outlines and generate high quality fonts for use in print or on the web.

Custom fonts can
uniquely identify
your brand.

Font formats for print and digital

Fonts can be created for use in print or on the web – for Mac and PC.

  • Type 1
  • OpenType TT (.ttf – TrueType)
  • OpenType PS (.otf)
  • @font-face web fonts (.woff, .eot, .svg)

Character modification

Sometimes you need to change a few characters within a font. Nikki M Group can assist with this task.

This service is especially useful for creating fonts for the education sector. Early readers require specific character shapes.

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  • Want to create a font with your own characters?
  • Creating a unique font to represent your brand or project?
  • Need unique characters, symbols or accents?

Widths and kerning

Are you having spacing issues with a font? Nikki M Group can assist you to fix the widths and kerning pairs of any font.

Icons fonts

Are you using lots of icons?

Are you placing icons as images?

Simplify your production workflow and turn your icons into an easily accessible font.


Do you need special characters for languages other than English? Nikki M Group will ensure you have a full character set that meets your requirements.

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Custom fonts can uniquely identify your brand.


Handwriting fonts created for early learners.


Fonts to standardise communications.