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Publishing services

Print and digital

Nikki M Group provides publishing services for producing books and digital resources.

Our core services include:

  • design
  • typesetting
  • illustration
  • editing.

Front cover of Pearson Mathematics 8 Student Book 2en edition.

Pearson Mathematics 8 Student Book, 2nd edition.

Project management

If you have a project and need an experienced project manager, talk to us. We work with publishers to:

  • manage your project from start to finish
  • provide production services
  • organise skilled personnel
  • plan schedules and meet deadlines
  • develop design briefs
  • find technical solutions
  • maintain quality standards.


Educational publishing

There are many specialists in educational publishing including authors, publishers, subject-matter experts, editors, designers, illustrators, programmers, permissions, marketing and sales. Everyone plays an important role and collaboration is key in creating a successful publication.

As part of the collaborative process, Nikki M Group:

  • recognises professional roles and tasks
  • works according to project scope
  • completes each stage
  • meets deadlines and budgets.

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Volume rates for large projects. Let’s talk.

  • Do you have a manuscript ready for typesetting?
  • Are you using style guides?
  • Need layout design and template set up?

Increase your capacity

By working with Nikki M Group you will benefit from our experience, specialist skills and professional service. You will also increase your capacity to produce complex and text-heavy publications.

Production is not glamorous. It’s a craft.

Quality services

We provide publishers with high-quality services that add value.

Guidance when you need it most
Offering best practice for design, production and workflow—it’s the simple things that count.
Support to get it done
Providing services so that you can scale up when needed—a great complement to your in-house design and production team.
Services to make it happen
Our dedicated team deliver high-quality services on time and on budget—ensuring each stage of your project is complete.


Project briefing
and handover


We like it,
you’ll love it


Forming direction and
making effective choices

Complex publications

Attention to detail, every single detail (big and small)

You can tell when a complex, text-heavy publication has been professionally typeset—there is structure, order, repetition and consistency.

Quality typesetting starts with:

  • developing efficient workflows
  • customising technology
  • looking for opportunities to automate tasks
  • effective production processes
  • well-structured documents and templates
  • styles for formatting text, design elements, pages and objects
  • organisation and project management.

If you can typeset maths, you can do anything.

Maths and science publishing

Nikki M Group specialise in the production of mathematics and science series. We have over 20 years experience and have developed:

  • MathType workflow for exporting equations from Microsoft Word into Adobe InDesign.
  • AutoPlace script for automatically importing images into Adobe InDesign.
Australian Signpost Mathematics Chapter text page Australian Signpost Mathematics Chapter Opening page
Pearson Australia: Typesetting, layout and technical illustration for Australian Signpost Mathematics, an 18 book series.

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Ask about packaged prices for multiple services.

  • Want to book a pre-development consultation?
  • Designing a publication series?
  • Need style guides that define all design elements?

Quality guarantee

Our goal is to set correct,
first time, every time

Any output

Smartphone, tablet,
desktop or print


Visual representation for
conceptual development

Print management

Print on time and on budget

Nikki M Group offers prepress services to ensure your project is set up correctly for print. We also provide guidance, technical support and logistics including:

  • template design
  • quality control
  • preflight and prepress check
  • print scheduling
  • soft and hard proofing
  • shipping and insurance.

Front cover of Roebourne Yirramagardu, City of Karratha.

Roebourne Yirramagardu, City of Karratha.
Coffee-table book, case bound, large-volume offset.

Get it right.
Once printed, that’s it.

Quotes for book printing

We provide competitive quotes for local or offshore printing. We will:

  • source the most appropriate printer based on your project specifications
  • get quality printing by specialised book printers
  • have books shipped to a storage location or distributor.

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Ask about affordable rates on local and offshore printing.

  • Are your design templates set up for print?
  • Do you have high-resolution images?
  • Need font management?

Book printing

Large-volume offset

Meet market demand with large-volume, low-cost offset printing. Ideal for projects such as:

  • hard-wearing textbooks
  • glossy presentation booklets
  • books with embellishments
  • text-heavy student books
  • two-colour STEM publications
  • large-format non-fiction
  • stylish coffee-table books.

Font management

Your fonts,
fit for your project

Colour management

Colour settings
for output

File management

Structure, organisation
and archiving

Common questions

Do you use style guides?

We use style guides to maintain consistency, improve quality and reduce costs.

Style guides are a valuable resource for:

  • editorial
  • design
  • typesetting
  • illustration.

Talk to us about creating or implementing a style guide for your next project.

Can you work with Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

We provide production services to develop content for Learning Management Systems. Our services include:

  • checking content (proofreading)
  • coding mathematical equations in LaTeX
  • testing interactivity
  • quality checking Learnosity and Learnetic development
  • digital production (coding, formatting and uploading content).

Can you complete a project that is already started?

Whether your project is partially completed or you need extra capacity to finish your project on time, we can work with your publishing team to complete and finalise your project.

Can you design and typeset in foreign languages?

PEARL Learning Materials for Tonga: Student Activity Book cover

We can design and typeset in languages other than English. By collaborating with people who know the language, we have successfully completed books in:

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Tongan
  • Italian.

I need to fast track my project, do you offer extended hours?

We offer extended hours including evening, overnight and weekends on arrangement.

Perfect partners


With over 20 years experience, you can talk to us about the most efficient workflows for production.

Quality control

Our Quality Management System has been developed to deliver accurate and consistent results.

Extended hours

Ask about extended hours to fast track your project.


“Thank you for your long hours, hard work, endless patience and limitless good humour on Pearson Maths! I really couldn't do this without you.”

Helen Withycombe
Senior Project Editor
Pearson Australia