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Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA)

HISA is a scientific society, established in 1992, for health informaticians and those with an interest in health informatics. The organisation enables interested parties to gain access to cutting-edge information and form professional networks. HISA hosts conferences and publishes research papers.

In 2007, HISA hosted the MedInfo Conference. The Conference was held in Brisbane and it was the first time MedInfo had been hosted in Australia. HISA was also responsible for preparing the papers published by IOS Press.

Training and development

Initially, HISA contacted Nikki M Group to provide FrameMaker training for their staff so they could publish the papers for the MedInfo Conference. Nikki M Group provided two days FrameMaker training specifically designed for the task.

HISA realised the task of publishing these two volumes was going to take more hands and skills than they had to bring the project in on time, so HISA developed a partnership with Nikki M Group to ensure the project could be delivered and quality standards maintained. Nikki M Group developed a plan to ensure all deliverables could be managed and dates achieved. Fifteen hundred pages were typeset and finalised in eight weeks and despatched to IOS Press in the Netherlands.

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