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Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Nikki M Group typeset Microequities Initial Public Offering (IPO) 2018.

Our services included:

  • typesetting
  • layout design
  • blacklining (track changes)
  • graphs, charts and information graphics
  • preparing PDF file submission for the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Microequities supplied branding assets, text files and spreadsheets, which were used to prepare the prospectus.

Our design brief was to:

  • provide accurate typesetting services
  • implement consistent branding
  • create a design that targeted their key demographic
  • meet lodgement deadlines.

Microequities Initial Public Offering

Microequities Initial Public Offering

About Microequities

Microequities manages funds exclusively for high net worth, wholesale and sophisticated investors wanting to invest in microcaps. In 2017, Microequities’ funds under management (FUM) was $442 million, which represents compound growth of approximately 69% per annum over a three-year period.

Track changes

During the development of the prospectus, blacklining was used to track changes. Blacklining provides a way to track changes, so that clients can see exactly what text has been changed, deleted, inserted and/or replaced.

Blacklining assists companies to comply with the requirements of the ASX Listing Rules (Section 2.5 Fast track process for offers proceeding by pathfinder prospectus or PDS).

Microequities Initial Public Offering - blacklining track changes

Example showing tracked changes in a PDF file.

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Financial reports

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Information graphics

Financial graphs and charts were created from data provided by Microequities. The data was used to precisely create information graphics in a style that was consistent with their corporate identity.

Information graphics included:

  • line graphs
  • pie charts
  • bar charts
  • flow diagrams.

Information graphics communicate ideas visually and make it quicker and easier to understand complex data.

Microequities Initial Public Offering - information graphics

Bar chart from page 33 of the prospectus, showing growth of funds under management.


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