TBC V-ZUG Celebrate Australia Cookbook, page 61, Chinese New Year. V-ZUG Celebrate Australia Cookbook, page 108, Chocolate Roulade with Macerated Raspberries. V-ZUG Celebrate Australia Cookbook, cover design.

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Creating cookbooks

Celebrate Australia was designed and produced for V-ZUG Australia. The cookbook provides instructions for creating unique recipes developed by the V-ZUG Gourmet Academy. Publishing a cookbook is a way for V-ZUG to connect professional chefs with their customers, making sure that each automatic recipe delivers perfect results.

Nikki M Group provided tailored publishing services including:

  • publication design
  • cover design
  • editorial services
  • project management
  • typesetting
  • print management.

Photograph of the publication design and food styling in a large double-page image.

Celebrate is a cookbook that connects professional chefs with V-ZUG customers.

Publication design

Celebrate was designed as an integral part of the consumer experience, providing training, guidance and cooking inspiration. For Nikki M Group, it was important for us to design the cookbook so that it was synonymous with the V-ZUG brand. We achieved this by:

  • using fonts and typography that aligned with the V-ZUG brand
  • removing applied colour to emphasise the food styling
  • arranging text and images in a clear and uncluttered layout to make recipes easy to follow
  • providing generous whitespace to create balance and hierarchy throughout the publication
  • formatting text so that it is precise and consistent
  • using margins to frame images and connect them with recipes
  • showcasing the food styling so that it captures the theme of the photoshoot.

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Print management

Celebrate was printed in Australia. Nikki M Group provided V-ZUG with print management services, which included technical advice and logistics. We defined print specifications, output, print process and delivery.

Print management services included:

  • Paper: Selecting paper stock
  • Internals: Full colour offset
  • Cover: Protective matte laminate with spot gloss UV on the title
  • Binding: Section-sewn, soft cover
  • Distribution: Delivery into Australia and the UK.


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