Artowrk showing a scene at the gate of the workhouse, c. 1846, during the Great Irish Famine. Page spread showing layout design for histrical book Fair Delinquents.Fair Delinquents book cover design.

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Fair Delinquents

Australian regional history

‘Fair Delinquents'? Irish Famine Orphans of Colonial Bathurst and Beyond was designed for Eitherside Publications, researched and revealed by Leonie Blair and Dr Perry McIntyre, and supported by Bathurst Regional Council Heritage Interpretation Fund.

Nikki M Group provided publishing services including:

  • graphic design
  • cover design
  • typesetting
  • print management.

Fair Delinquents – stak of three books.

Speaking at the launch, Bathurst Council Mayor, Bobby Bourke, said ‘This new local history study shows the importance of history and heritage to the Bathurst region.’

The Great Irish Famine

The Great Famine, sometimes called the Irish Potato Famine, was a period of mass starvation and disease in Ireland from 1845 to 1849. During this time about one million people died and an estimated two million became refugees. One of the government responses to the crisis was to establish the Earl Grey immigration scheme to relieve workhouses from overcrowding and to bring single young women to the colonies.

Orphaned girls settled in Australia

The book tells the stories of 185 Irish Famine orphan girls who settled in Bathurst, the first inland settlement of New South Wales. The girls braved the long sea voyage to become apprentice domestic servants, making a new life for themselves in a new country. New skills, newly earned wages, new opportunities for marriage and family, and a new life beckoned the girls as they set foot on the ships.


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Book design

The book design captures the author’s vision to tell the stories of the orphan girls – dispel myths, remove prejudice and question assumptions. The orphaned girls lived through exceptional circumstances, challenging conditions and with minimal resources. Their story has now become part of the Australian story and fabric of our culture.

The cover features a painted artwork, View of Bathurst, New South Wales, c. 1865, to represent the new found land. The painting has been composed in the form of a postcard, juxtaposed with a single piece of jewelry. Does this represent a longing for home, scant precious belongings or memories of loved ones lost?

The design of the book uses a major–minor column layout to structure content and present text and images. This creates generous margins and an asymmetrical layout. While the book is text heavy, well-defined headings, text features and tables, allow the reader to easily scan biographies to find specific information.

The book displays significant historical imagery: black and white photographs, paintings, illustrations and artifacts that beautifully illustrate the era of colonial Bathurst. The imagery captures the vastness of the Australian landscape and the hardship of early regional settlers. Photographs of the girls show their courage, humanity and strength to prosper.

Print management

Nikki M Group provided print management services and technical expertise including:

  • print specifications and costing
  • preparing press-ready files
  • coordinating printing and binding
  • organising logistics and delivery.

Where to buy

To purchase a copy of the book contact Abbey’s Bookshop, Books Plus Bathurst or Eitherside Publications.

Libraries contact James Bennett or Peter Pal Library Supplier.

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