Page 52, Cengage A+ HSC Year 12 Physics Practice Exams. Page 32, Cengage A+ HSC Year 12 Physics Study Notes Cover design of Cengage A+ HSC Year 12 Physics Practice Exams. Cover design of Cengage A+ HSC Year 12 Physics Study Notes.

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Cengage A+ HSC Year 12 Physics

Publishing services

The A+ HSC Year 12 Physics series developed for Cengage Learning Australia comprises two publications: Study Notes and Practice Exams. The books are designed to help students prepare for their HSC Physics Exams.

Nikki M Group provided Cengage with publishing services, including:

  • project management
  • copyediting
  • proofreading
  • answer-checking
  • typesetting
  • permissions research
  • preparation for print.

Project management

Nikki M Group managed the production of A+ HSC Year 12 Physics, as well as other A+ titles, providing Cengage with:

  • access to a team of editors who specialise in science and physics
  • coordination between editorial and production teams
  • speed to market through good planning of key stages and deadlines
  • quality control of each stage to ensure best practice
  • de-risking through collaboration, coordination and quality control.

Photo of books showing the different cover design for subject areas in the Cengage A+ series.

Nikki M Group provided editorial and production services for many subject areas in the Cengage A+ series.

Copyediting and proofreading

Nikki M Group provided science expertise that included:

  • copyediting
  • cross-checking against the NESA syllabus
  • independent proofreading after typesetting
  • answer-checking.

Accuracy was critical to the success of the A+ HSC Year 12 Physics series. Nikki M Group provided an experienced science copyeditor to work directly with the authors, fine-tuning text and diagrams to ensure they were as useful as possible for students.

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Design and typesetting services for education.

Permissions research

Nikki M Group provided permissions research services for text and images. This service included:

  • liaising with the state curriculum body
  • researching appropriate imagery
  • clearing usage rights
  • identifying the correct attribution
  • tracking budgets and contracts
  • processing final invoices.


Nikki M Group typeset 518 pages across two titles.

Our typesetting services included:

  • design review before production
  • initial layout of text, illustrations and photos
  • correction rounds from authors and editors.

Nikki M Group has the experience to assist with multiple tasks – editing, design, typesetting and illustration.

Publishing services

Science publishing

Nikki M Group can provide your publishing team with extra resources and know-how to support you at each stage – from manuscript to print.

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