Page 56, Nelson Katakana in 48 minutes, student workbook showing layout design. Page 44, Nelson Hiragana in 48 minutes, student workbook showing creative artwork. Cover design, Nelson Hiragana in 48 minutes, student workbook. Cover design, Nelson Katakana in 48 minutes, student workbook.

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Hiragana/Katakana in 48 minutes

Japanese workbooks

Hiragana/Katakana in 48 minutes is published by Cengage Learning Australia and is designed for Year 7–10 students learning to read and write Japanese.

Nikki M Group provided publishing services to create two workbooks and a series of worksheets.

Our services included:

  • project management
  • typesetting
  • illustration
  • creative artwork
  • preparation for print.


Nikki M Group typeset 220 pages in total.

Typesetting included:

  • design review before production
  • initial layout of text and illustrations
  • creative artwork and layout design
  • correction rounds from authors and editors.

Japanese and English languages were typeset together by:

  • creating paragraph and character styles for both languages
  • selecting fonts with easy to recognise glyphs
  • matching character sizes across both languages
  • controlling spacing, alignment and kerning
  • using object styles to anchor design elements and rubi text.

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Layout design

The layout design was a creative process where text, graphics and images were arranged to suit a fixed page extent. This was achieved by:

  • contexual placement of illustrations within the text
  • modifying white space to separate design elements, exercises and lists
  • combining typography with image-based design.


Creating language books

Nikki M Group have experience completing projects in languages including Japanese, French, Indonesian, Arabic, German, Tongan and Italian.

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