Mathematics Projects


Creating mathematics publications

Nikki M Group typesets mathematics resources for education. We transform complex manuscripts into professional publications. Our typesetting services include:

  • preparing manuscripts for typesetting
  • refining a design template ready for production
  • managing fonts, images and illustrations
  • attention to typographic details
  • layout design of text, equations and images
  • applying character, paragraph, table and object styles
  • paginating content
  • correction rounds
  • preparation for print.

Photograph showing a selection of covers from the Sadler maths series.

Sadler Mathematics was designed and typeset for Cengage Australia. The series consists of 10 textbooks.

Experience that counts

We often manage large-scale mathematics series with multiple components. Our team of designers, typesetters, illustrators, editors and production managers have extensive experience working on a diverse range of projects including:

  • student books
  • teacher guides
  • homework/activity books
  • online learning management systems.

An experienced team specialising in mathematics.

Mathematics publishing awards

Successful publishing is a collective effort. By providing design and typesetting services to publishers and authors, we have shaped high-quality content into award-winning publications. Many of our projects have been shortlisted, and our awards for text design include:

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Layout design

Nikki M Group has developed best practices for creating sophisticated layout designs that reduce production times, improve quality and get your book to market faster. We achieved this by:

  • using styles
  • setting up master pages
  • creating a text flow with anchored objects
  • configuring variables and auto-numbering
  • running equations inline with text in paragraphs and tables
  • using sections and design elements to create information hierarchies
  • providing allowances for spine, bleed, trim and page creep.

Production workflow

Production workflows improve our capabilities, allowing us to focus on quality and accuracy. As part of our continual development process, we have built procedures and automated workflows including:

  • AutoPlace for placing artwork (see video)
  • MathType workflow for equations (see video)
  • production processes for quality control
  • checklists and rule-based procedures
  • style guides for common design elements.

Correction rounds

Nikki M Group takes in traditional editorial markup (proofreading marks) and corrections in paperless workflows (PDF comments and text files). We also provide consultation to find the most effective way to make substantial changes to a manuscript before typesetting, or to a publication during production. For example, taking in repetitive corrections without extensive editorial markup.

If you need to refine content for publishing, we are available every step of the way, including to:

  • make author corrections
  • restructure content for a new or updated curriculum
  • replace text and images
  • adapt content for new technologies
  • update previous editions
  • finish half-started projects.

Typesetting services

File management

Structure, organisation
and archiving


Alignment, scale
and control

Colour management

Colour settings
for output

Price guide

Our mathematics typesetting prices are for layout of text and images into a design template. We offer flexible rates, and would be happy to talk to you about your project.


Maths typesetting from

$20 per page

  • Pocket guides
  • Basic reprints
  • Refresh/restyle
  • Worksheets
  • Thesis
Author’s corrections

1st round

$10 per page

2nd round

$5 per page

3rd round

$2 per page


Maths typesetting from

$30 per page

  • Learner guides
  • Teacher resources
  • Homework books
  • Practice exams
  • Study notes
Author’s corrections

1st round

$15 per page

2nd round

$8 per page

3rd round

$4 per page


Maths typesetting from

$40 per page

  • Student books
  • Senior mathematics
  • Full-colour books
  • Higher education
  • Complex series
Author’s corrections

1st round

$20 per page

2nd round

$10 per page

3rd round

$6 per page

Prices are in Australian dollars and are GST exclusive. Prices are a guide only, not a formal quote.

Maths typesetting calculator

Number of pages:


Author’s corrections:


Price list

Download a price list for publishing mathematics. Contact us for a formal quotation.

Formatting equations

Generating and formatting equations ready for typesetting.

From $10 per page

Artwork retrieval

Extracting artwork from previous editions and archives.

Price on arrangement

Preparing press-ready files

Preparing PDF files that meet print specifications.

From $1 per page


Advice, guidance or technical support. In person, or via phone or video.

$200 per session


Checking for consistency, completeness, accuracy and style.

From $12 per page

Creating illustrations

Creative artwork, diagrams and infographics.

From $10 each

Prices are in Australian dollars and are GST exclusive. Prices are a guide only, not a formal quote.


Typesetting Australian Signpost Mathematics series for Pearson Education. Photograph showing book covers for student books, teacher companions and homework books.

  • Formatting
  • Equations
  • Numeric lists
  • Information graphics
  • Tabular information
  • Cross-references
  • Pagination


Pearson Mathematics 7–8 Teacher Companions won the Australian Publishers Association (APA) award for Secondary Teaching Resource category.

  • Foundation
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Senior
  • Higher education
  • Adult learning
  • Training manuals


Nikki M Group awarded for Best Educational Primary/Secondary Book at the 62nd Australian Book Design Awards 2014.

  • Understanding
  • Worked examples
  • Exercises
  • Theory
  • Practice
  • Reasoning
  • Answers

Typesetting mathematics

Are you a maths publisher?

Nikki M Group has capacity to typeset a large-scale mathematics series with multiple components.

Are you a project manager?

Use an experienced team with design and typesetting skills.

Are you a maths educator?

Work directly with Nikki M Group to develop content and improve visual communication.

Common questions

How much does it cost to typeset a maths book?

Typesetting is costed on a per page rate. Use our typesetting prices to get an estimated cost that you can use to create a budget.

What technologies do you use to typeset maths for print?

Adobe InDesign and MathType are used for typesetting mathematics publications for print.

Authors and publishers can submit their manuscript as a Microsoft Word document.

Contact us about other technologies or for manuscript assessment services.

Which fonts are best for typesetting mathematics?

Careful selection of fonts is required when typesetting mathematics. Often a serif font is best for equations, but a good sans-serif font can still be chosen. We recommend choosing numbers with a consistent width, so numbers will align in tabular settings.

Book a consultation to discuss best font choices for mathematics.

Can you convert content in an LMS to a print book?

We are able to export content from a digital environment and get it ready for typesetting and print.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long does it take to typeset a maths book?

Every project is different. It will depend to a large extent on the complexity of your book. Typically, we can typeset 100 to 200 pages per week. At the quotation stage, we can evaluate your manuscript and develop a schedule that outlines production stages and deliverables.

Prior to each project commencing, we speak with you about your delivery timeline to ensure we get your book to market on time.

Talk to us about your scheduling requirements.