Page 222, Montessori Mathematics Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent Volume 1. Page xii, Montessori Mathematics Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent Volume 1. Page 20, Montessori Mathematics Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent Volume 1. Cover design, Montessori Mathematics Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent Volume 1.

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Mathematics books

Montessori Teacher Books for The Math Institute based in Denver, Colorado. The books are three large volumes for teaching mathematics to adolescents (10 to 19 years) in a Montessori classroom.

Nikki M Group provided publishing services including:

  • design
  • typesetting
  • project management
  • illustration
  • creative artwork
  • studio photography
  • photo retouching
  • preparing press-ready PDF files.

Photo of cover designs for three different Montessori teacher books.

Each Montessori book has an identifiable abstract 3D image that gives each book a unique identity.

Publication design

At the start of the project The Math Institute provided a sample design, which we improved by:

  • reviewing fonts for displaying mathematics
  • creating an equation workflow for typesetting
  • refining the publication design for optimal layout
  • developing a style guide for creating maths illustrations
  • preparing paragraph and character styles ready for production
  • setting up table styles for tabular data
  • generating artwork for optimal print output
  • maintaining brand style and identity.

Nikki M Group provided consultation and publication design at the start of the project in preparation for typesetting.

A diagram of a complex equation with arrows explaining its parts and functions.

Example of an infographic from Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent – Volume 2.


Publishing educational books

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Publishing maths

Your design partner for mathematics.


Providing typesetting to a publisher in a different time zone has many benefits. The Math Institute is based in Denver, Colorado, and is 16 hours behind Melbourne. We would have meetings early morning and late evening. The time difference was ideal for collaborating and handover.

Our typesetting services included:

  • Initial typesetting: laying out text, equations, illustrations and photos into a layout design.
  • Keying equations: Creating and typesetting 2048 equations over three volumes.
  • Video conferences: Production meetings with the team at The Math Institute.
  • Publishing workflow: Correction rounds from authors and editors.
  • Preparing press-ready files: Supplying files and liaising with the printer.

Over the three large volumes, 1302 pages were typeset in total.

Maths illustrations

Nikki M Group created 1268 mathematics illustrations across the three volumes. Illustrations ranged from simple to complex.

At the start of the maths series we worked with Michael Waski, the author, to:

  • design a style guide
  • create an artwork list
  • replicate Montessori materials to scale and with matching colours
  • develop creative artwork
  • illustrate complex mathematics.

Mathematics illustrations showing a curve revolved around the x-axis to form a 3D shape.

Mathematics illustration for finding volumes of a revolution.

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