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Signpost Mathematics

Australian Curriculum

Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales was developed by Pearson Australia for the Australian Curriculum. The series was large, complex and had multiple components. Nikki M Group provided:

  • typesetting
  • illustration
  • production for print.

The series included:

  • 6 student books
  • 6 teacher companions
  • 6 homework programs
  • eBook assets.

Nikki M Group was an integral part of the production process. We were required to continually deliver each component on time and on budget.

Paperless workflow

Nikki M Group has a commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Working closely with the editor, we developed a set of digital proofreading marks to use in PDF documents. This means we were able to develop this series of books in a paperless workflow. Each book was proofed electronically and marked-up by the editor using our PDF Proofreading Marks.

Our easy-to-use PDF Proofreading Marks were so successful, we made them a free download so all our clients could enjoy the benefits and cost savings of a paperless workflow.

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All illustrations, equations and photographs for this project were automatically imported into InDesign using our custom-built software, AutoPlace. AutoPlace allows hundreds of images to be automatically imported into InDesign within seconds.

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