Page 707, answers, Nelson VICmaths General Mathematics 12. Page 148, Exam practice, Nelson VICmaths General Mathematics 12. Page 201, Cumulative-examination 1, Nelson VICmaths General Mathematics 12. Cover design of Nelson VICmaths General Mathematics 12.

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Nelson VICmaths General Mathematics 12

Maths publishing services

Nelson VICmaths is a VCE mathematics series developed for Cengage Learning Australia. The series consists of 8 Student Books, 6 Workbooks and online resources. The series was designed to be a complete learning solution for students studying Foundation, General, Methods or Specialist mathematics.

Nikki M Group provided Cengage with publishing services, including:

  • project management
  • copyediting
  • proofreading
  • typesetting
  • answer-checking
  • review worked solutions
  • illustration
  • preparation for print.

Project management

Nikki M Group managed the production of Nelson VICmaths General Mathematics 12, as well as other VICmaths Student Books, providing Cengage with:

  • access to an editorial team who specialise in mathematics
  • coordination between editorial and production
  • speed to market through good planning of key stages and deadlines
  • quality control of each stage to ensure best practice
  • de-risking through collaboration, coordination and resourcing.

Photograph of the Nelson VICmaths series cover designs..

Cover designs for Nelson VICmaths 11 & 12.


Nikki M Group provided typesetting services from development through to production. Our services included:

  • fine-tuning the manuscript before production
  • preparing equations for a MathType workflow
  • design review before production
  • initial layout of text, illustrations and photos
  • correction rounds from authors and editors.

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Publishing maths

Your design partner for mathematics.


Nikki M Group created new illustrations and restyled existing artwork for the VICmaths series. For Nelson VICmaths General Mathematics 12, Nikki M Group created and placed 1299 illustrations and 2080 equations.

Illustration services included creating a detailed Illustration Style Guide with sample illustrations for:

  • diagrams
  • information graphics
  • number lines
  • charts
  • tables
  • graphs
  • geometric shapes.

Nikki M Group specialises in transforming complex manuscripts into professional publications.


Educational resources

Nikki M Group provides services to publishers in Australia and internationally. We have a team of maths specialists to help you produce complex and text-heavy publications. We provide services throughout the entire production process – from manuscript to print.

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