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Sadler Mathematics

Secondary student books

Sadler Mathematics was published by Cengage Learning for the Western Australian curriculum. The series consists of 10 textbooks.

Nikki M Group provided publishing services, which included:

  • book design
  • typesetting
  • equations
  • illustration
  • preparing press-ready files.


Sadler Mathematics was developed for senior secondary students. Nikki M Group created a text design, which included:

  • developing a sample design to be applied across the series
  • setting up styles and assets ready for typesetting
  • creating a unique design by combining imagery, colours, fonts and graphics
  • using technology to automate production to save time and maximise value.

During design, the in-house designer at Cengage said, “This has got to be the quickest circulation in history. I’ve received comments from the author, publisher and editor. Everyone loves the new look and feel, and the author was very impressed with the matching page breaks. Well done.”

Nikki M Group specialises in transforming complex manuscripts into professional publications.


Nikki M Group created over 1400 mathematical illustrations for the Sadler Mathematics series. Illustrations included:

  • diagrams
  • information graphics
  • number lines
  • charts
  • graphs
  • geometric shapes.

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The manuscript for Sadler maths was well-developed and typeset page-for-page. This reduced the overall cost because there were minimal author corrections.

During typesetting we were able to find efficiencies by:

  • fine-tuning the manuscript before importing text and styles
  • preparing equations for a MathType workflow
  • creating illustrations prior to typesetting
  • automating image placement with AutoPlace
  • removing lead time by providing multiple services.


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